With tourism reaching close to 80 million annual visitors, private consumption growing 3% year over year and a very tight residential market in the center of the largest cities, we believe opportunities to add value and obtain solid returns on capital are available for companies willing to roll their sleeves up and get to work on a smaller transaction size, to which the big funds stay away for efficiency purposes.



Leveraging Midtown Capital Partner’s track record in South Florida from 2010 until present, it was only natural for the company to cross the Atlantic and establish an operation in Madrid. For the past 2 years we have built an extensive network of local partners, lenders, brokers and service providers. By March 2018 Midtown Capital Partners S.L. will launch its first Spain-focused private real estate fund, whose main investment criteria is:


Value-add and opportunistic

€50 million


Top Spanish cities

5-year term

Strong local operations team

Extensive on and off-market deal sourcing


For a copy of the fund prospectus and different fund materials please reach out to:

Mr. Alejandro Velez